Vistony Group is a transnational holding with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture, commercialization and distribution of lubricants and greases, focused on the industrial, automotive and mining sectors.


Welcome to Listoil, an exceptional lubricant brand proudly associated with the Vistony International Holding Group, boasting over 30 years of unwavering excellence in the industry. With a robust commercial presence in over 15 countries, our global footprint reflects a legacy built on trust, innovation, and superior lubrication solutions. Manufactured in the vibrant landscape of India, Listoil is the synonymous of high-quality lubricants. Tailored specifically for the intricate demands of the Indian market, our products exemplify precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. The fusion of our global expertise and local insights results in lubricants that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal performance across diverse sectors.

At Listoil, we take pride in our close-knit relationships with clients. Our commitment to remain close to our customers extends beyond geographical boundaries, fostering collaboration that goes beyond mere transactions. This personalized approach allows us to understand and address the unique requirements of each client, establishing Listoil as a trusted partner in their success. Anchored in our commitment to accessibility, Listoil offers an unbeatable quality - affordability ratio. We believe that premium lubricants should be within the reach all consumers & industries. Explore Listoil, where experience meets innovation, and where our global legacy converges with the specific needs of the Indian market. Join us on a journey of excellence, where high-quality lubrication solution, client - centricity, and affordability seamlessly come together to redefine industry standards.